easter fun facts

Fun Easter Facts

As we go into Easter weekend, most of us will enjoy Easter egg hunts, visits to the Easter bunny, and lots of chocolate!  For some, Easter is a religious holiday with deep meaning.  I’m sure we can all agree though, that Easter is fun for everyone of all ages!  To help with that fun spirit, we’ve got some facts about Easter that you may not know about.

Did You Know…

  • The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011. It stood at 10.39 meters (34.09 feet) and weighed an astonishing 7,200kg (15,873.28 pounds).  Can you imagine eating that all by yourself?!
  • In the United States, only 12 of the 50 states recognize Good Friday as a holiday.
  • The exchange or giving of Easter eggs actually dates back to before Easter and the giving of eggs is considered a symbol of rebirth in many cultures.
  • The term Easter gets its name from Eastre, which was an Anglo-Saxon goodess who symbolizes the hare and the egg.
  • There used to be a tradition that churches observed which resembled a game of “Hot Potato” with a priest through a hard boiled egg at a choir boy. The boys would then toss the egg amongst themselves and when the clock struck 12 whichever boy had the egg was deemed the winner and could keep the egg.
  • Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow Peeps during Easter. This makes Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.
  • Americans consume more than 16 million jellybeans during Easter. That is enough jellybeans to circle the globe not once, not even twice, but THREE times!
  • During Easter, more than 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs, and 700 million Peeps are produced each year in the United States alone.
  • The Easter egg is said to symbolize and represent joy, celebration, and new life.
  • Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It is the oldest Christian holiday, and is one of the most important days of the year for those of Christian faith.


No matter what you believe, or what your plans are for Easter, we here are Medlock Services want to wish all of our customers, builders, and vendors a safe and Happy Easter!  If you have Easter pictures you would like to share, we’d love to see them.  Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!