Holiday Plumbing Tips

Holiday Plumbing Tips

This holiday season you’ll be gathering with family and friends at various gatherings and parties to share in the spirit of the season. Chances are you may end up hosting one of these gatherings or parties. When there is a rise in large groups of people celebrating in one place there is also a rise in the chance that something could go wrong with your plumbing system. The last thing you needs is for your joyous festivity to be spoiled by a plumbing problem. To avoid problems from occurring, we recommend these tips:

Avoid Clogged Toilets

When you’re at a gathering, make sure that you are using the minimum amount of toilet paper necessary and are flushing only toilet paper down the toilet. If you’re hosting, it’s a good idea to keep watch over small children to ensure toys don’t go for a swim in the toilet. You may also want to consider putting a discrete sign near your toilet reminding guests to flush only toilet paper down the toilet.

Utilize the Garbage Disposal Properly

There are some materials that are difficult for garbage disposals to grind. A few examples include bones, poultry skin, egg shells, fruit peels (and pits), hard vegetables, etc. Your disposal is made to be used only for small particles and not the larger scraps that would be better suited for the trash can.

Watch What is Poured Down the Drain

As tempting as it is to take the easy route and pour liquid fats or cooking oil down the drain, don’t. These fats and oils (as well as grease) are likely to solidify and if they do, a blockage can occur. Damage can also occur to your garbage disposal so the best bet is to dispose of grease properly each time.

Ensure You Have Enough Hot Water.

If you have guests staying over, try to space out the times they use the shower and bath. This will give you water heater enough time to heat up between uses.

Medlock Services is here for you when unexpected plumbing problems arise during holiday gatherings. Give us a call, we’re happy to help!