Landlord plumbing tips

Plumbing Tips for Landlords

A while back, we did a blog post focusing on plumbing tips for renters. We thought it would be a good idea to focus on tips for landlords to help you in keeping your plumbing system functioning properly and your tenants happy. Remember, what separates an average landlord from an outstanding landlord is the ability to handle your renter’s problems. When it comes to plumbing issues knowing what to do before you have to do it will prevent a major headache for everyone involved.

Learn How to Make the Basic Repairs

Think back to when you were living in the home your tenant now occupies. Did you have a toilet that clogged often or a faucet that leaked? Even if you didn’t have the occasional issue, odds are that someone is going to break something or something is going to get flushed that shouldn’t have gotten flushed. Knowing how to plunge a toilet or run a simple snake down the drain as well as fixing small leaks on faucets and shower heads is an easy way to save you money on what could end up being costly repairs.

Plumbing Repairs For Landlords in mckinney

Know What To Do In a Plumber Emergency

It’s not fun to think about the possibility of a pipe breaking or a water heater bursting (true story, we’ve seen it happen), but these things do happen. When these issues happen, it’s important to act quickly before severe water damage happens to your property. Be sure to turn the water off whether that’s at the main shut off valve or at the single shut off valve. Once the water is off, turn on a faucet somewhere to drain any remaining water that is in the pipes. After you have mitigated the damage, be sure to contact a plumber right away to have the issue repaired.

Educate Your Renters

In our post about renter plumbing tips, we mentioned the importance of doing a walk through and asking questions. It is highly recommended that you do a walk through with your tenant. Be sure to point out to them the location of the water shut off valve at both the meter and the house. Educate them on any tricky issues that you have had in the past, but also reassure them that the issues have been resolved. Point out any individual shut off valves such as toilet and sink shut off valves. If ever the water heater has to be shut off, show the tenants how to do this task. If there is ever an event where the tenant can’t reach you and they need immediate help, be sure to give them the contact information to vendors that you use as well as have a person that can act as your back up in the event that you are unavailable.

Have a Reliable Plumber (or any contractor) On Hand

Be sure to find a plumber that can help you out with minor repairs as well as major repairs. This also goes for any contractor such as electrical, heating, appliance, etc. Make sure that any contractor that you use is licensed and insured. Most importantly, make sure that they are RELIABLE. When it comes to plumbing, we are more than happy to be your reliable plumber!

We want to help you as a landlord to keep your tenants happy and keep your wallet happy. Even if you are as prepared as humanly possible, things happen. When those plumbing surprises arise, give us a call! We’re always happy to help!