tankles water heater maintenance

Tankless Maintenance

Last week, we introduced you to Wally. Our trusted little water heater who decided it was time to go to the showroom in the sky.  Rather than getting a replacement style heater, you’ve decided to take the route that everyone keeps telling you about, the new and improved Tankless. And it’s awesome!  You have continuous hot water even when the power goes out, your energy bill is lower right there with your water bill, and the BEST part is that you don’t have to perform regular maintenance on it like you would a tank!  Wait, WHAT?!  Wrong. Just like all things, you MUST take care of your tankless water heater the same as you would a standard heater.  To ensure that it will continue to function properly, here are a few reasons why tankless water heater maintenance is important.

Removing Limescale

As time goes on, a tankless water heater will accumulate minerals on the insides of the tank’s heating chamber.  The unit should be flushed regularly, typically once a year, to remove these minerals.  Each manufacturer has their own method of descaling a tankless unit, but, usually, the process involves attaching a hose and flushing the tank with a special solution.

Cleaning the Screen Filter

Just as the tank can collect minerals, the in-line screen filter can accumulate debris.  It’s important to remove this debris to ensure that the water heater will function properly so you can continue to enjoy an endless supply of hot water and energy savings.

Flushing Your Tankless Unit

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