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Water Heater Maintenance & Why

Water Heater Maintenance:  Why is it Important?

Picture this: you wake up in the morning, step into the shower, and go into instant shock from freezing shower water. It’s definitely the wake up call you didn’t ask for.  Unless you just ran in 100 degree weather, no one likes a cold shower! Not to mention the craziness involved in coming home to a flooded house from your water heater bursting. You’ve reached the tough decision to replace the water heater, your trusted friend for years.  His name is Wally, and the two of you have been through so much together.  At least until he began to stop producing hot water, and provided you with hypothermia instead.  At this point, it’s pretty clear you need to replace Wally.  You’ve done your research and read that regular maintenance is necessary to your water heater – this is new to you!  Who knew?!  Why is water heater maintenance so important and why should I have to schedule it yearly?

Preventative Measures

When water heater problems occur, most of the time you won’t realize there is an issue until it’s too late.  This means that damage can, and likely will, occur before you’re able to catch the problem.  If you want to keep your water heater in the best shape possible, you will need to take care of it before hand.  By scheduling preventative maintenance once a year, you diminish the risk of damage occurring by allowing your plumber to inspect and fix any issues.

Increase Efficiency AND Save Money

In water heaters, sediment buildup is very common. It can be a major cause to your water heater not running efficiently.  The sediment is caused by loose minerals in your water, settling at the bottom of your tank.  Once settled, it becomes difficult for the heater to produce hot water. If you have ever heard banging or knocking noises coming from it before, this is likely a sign that you should it flushed ASAP.  We recommend doing so at least once a year, which will likely save you money on your next utility bill as well as get you back up and running!

No Surprises

Having regular maintenance will help you to avoid these not-so-wonderful surprises from happening! The average water heater is built to last between 8 to 12 years, but could possibly last longer with preventative maintenance performed yearly. This is where we come in to save the day, and quite possibly the year! To schedule your water heater maintenance, give us a call today at 972-562-4444.  We’re always happy to help!

Tune in next week for our tips on preserving the life of your TANKLESS water heater.  If there is ever a topic you would like us to cover, please email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook page!

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