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WaterWise – Frisco

We really hope that you have been enjoying our Water Conservation series blogs.  In the first post of our series, we introduced you to making a rain barrel.   With this week’s rain event (and possibly more tonight), we hope that you had your rain barrel ready and will start getting use from it!  Last week, we introduced you to creating your own rain garden which will help you to continue conserving water as well as make your landscape look pretty.  Beginning with this week’s post, we want to start highlighting the communities we serve and the many ways in which your community encourages water conservation.  This week, our focus is on Frisco.  Let’s dive in (yes, the pun was intended!)

Community Captain Program

This program is a volunteer network of representatives that get out and help spread the word about water conservation throughout the city of Frisco with the city’s goal being to have a WaterWise Community Captain for every neighborhood in Frisco.  The responsibilities of a WaterWise Community Captain includes organizing block parties, taking part in HOA communications, participating in neighborhood events, and getting creative in developing ways of passing water efficiency information to residents.  The city will provide all captains with tips, tools, and training to help sharing water conservation strategies with your neighbors.  For more information and sign up, visit

Free Shower Head Exchange

If you have a shower head that needs to be replaced and want to replace it with a water efficient model, the city of Frisco can help you with that!  Here’s the awesome part – it’s free!  Yes, free!  All you have to do is bring the current shower head and your most recent Frisco water bill to the Public Works facility and they will give you a free water-saving shower head as well as information on additional water saving tips for your home.  There are some restrictions that apply such as only one shower head per household and you must be a resident of Frisco.  For additional information, visit

Smart Controller Program

If you have a smart controller for your sprinkler system, the city wants to know about it!  If you’re not sure, the city defines a smart controller as a clock that adjusts your watering run times based upon weather data.  By registering your controller with the city, you have a little more flexibility with the water restrictions.  You can still only water ONCE a day, but you are no longer restricted to selecting only the day that your trash is picked up.  Here’s another awesome incentive to the Smart Controller Program is that if your home was built prior to 2007, you are eligible to apply for a one-time $100 rebate incentive to be applied to your water bill after you register your Smart Controller.  Flexibility and a potential rebate – sounds like a win-win to me!  For more information, visit

Throughout the summer and fall, the City of Frisco will be putting on workshops to help you in your gardening activities which could also help you in saving more water.  For more information, visit

We hope that these programs will help you in saving money and spreading the word about water conservation.  Next week, we’ll look at what McKinney has to offer to residents that are water aware.  If you have water saving tips, we’d love to hear them!  Please reach out to us via phone at 972-562-4444 or via email at  Have a great week!

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