Frozen Pipes

Winter Plumbing Tips

Imagine it’s a perfect 60 degrees outside, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the last thing on your mind is cold, Arctic air.  Then you hear the weather forecast, and reality sets in.  It’s Winter in Texas where one day it’s 60 degrees and the next, it’s 25 degrees.  You’ve taken steps to ensure that your family, pets, plants, and cars are taken care of during the freezing weather, but have you taken steps to winterize your home?  Medlock Services is pleased to bring you this quick guide on taking care of your plumbing system during periods of freezing temperatures.

Disconnect hoses
We cannot stress this enough – please disconnect water hoses from your outdoor spigots.  A water filled hose that is left in freezing weather will freeze, and could possibly cause problems for you.  If the hose is still connected to the faucet, ice could back into the pipe inside your home and possibly cause the pipe to crack.  We recommend disconnecting all hoses from their faucets, draining them, and storing them until winter is over.

Open Cabinet Doors
When your pipes are left behind closed doors, the are vulnerable to freezing – especially kitchen pipes – as heat from the rest of your home can’t reach them.  We recommend that you open your cabinet doors to allow heat to circulate into the cabinets.

Leave Faucets Dripping
When the weather is forecasted to drop into freezing territory, we recommend to keep your faucets running.  A trickling faucet acts as a relief for pressure that can build up if frozen pipes occur.  That pressure relief can prevent frozen pipes from cracking.  We aren’t recommending to keep your faucet open at full blast, but rather keeping a slow trickle to keep water moving thus decreasing your chances of pipes freezing.  We realize that this may bump your water bill up a little bit, but it’s worth it to avoid major home repairs!  Please note:  this is recommended for INDOOR faucets ONLY!  Please do not keep your outdoor faucets running as this can cause freeze damage.

We realize that freezing pipes may occur regardless of the steps taken to prevent it.  If pipes do freeze, please understand that we do not recommend taking a source of heat to the pipes as this can cause the pipes to burst.  If freezing pipes occur, the best course of action is to wait it out until temperatures return to above freezing.  We are always here to help if/when damage from freezing temperatures occur.  We can be reached via phone at 972-562-4444, and are available Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm and via email at

Be sure to check out next week’s post as we discuss the importance of water heater maintenance.  Remember, we have the lock on your plumbing needs!

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